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Turning Vision into Reality

To know me is to know that I love putting on a party!  Everyone is so busy so when you bring people together you need to have a plan and purpose to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate meeting or a dinner party, when people give you their time you shouldn’t waste it.  I have over 20 years’ experience of organizing events large and small and many more years of entertaining family and friends and the key to success is the details.  I love to brainstorm ideas and see those ideas come to life! 

I love spending time with my family, watching a good movie (with popcorn, of course) and on a lazy afternoon you can find me working on a jigsaw puzzle.

Tracie Fenderson
Co-Founding Diva

Making Dreams Come True

As a kid, my grandmother introduced me to hand painting ceramics. It was at that moment that my passion for being creative began. I love to take ideas or photos that people have and bring them to life. From paper flower backdrops to peonies made from coffee filters to colored pineapple centerpieces, the fun things that people have asked me to do is endless. Although being creative is great, none of it matters if you are not able to bring it to life, and that takes having a solid plan. With over 10 years of project management experience, I know exactly what it takes to successfully managing projects large and small. 


I am a wife and mom of 2, and I love quality time with my guys. When not chasing after my 3 year old, I enjoy curling up with a comfy blanket and good book. Also important to note, my favorite color is GLITTER.

Tamara Washington
Co-Founding Diva
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